Housmans talk 15 June, 7 pm



Refugees in Greece

The situation has changed dramatically since this book was written and the EU struck a pernicious deal with Turkey. The flow of refugees and migrants from Turkey to Greece has greatly diminished, but most who have come to Greece since 20 March remain there. Refugees are now living in diverse camps around Greece in a state of limbo, in conditions that vary enormously. Most await an uncertain future, as EU countries continue to dither — about whether to implement the pledges they have already made, for instance, and whether to admit unaccompanied minors, whose situation here and in northern France is particularly grave. Many refugees are deprived of information and proper legal aid, and feel that the EU-Turkey deal treats them as items to be traded. At this moment in time (June 2016), over 54,000 people, most of them refugees from war-torn Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, some 40% (!) of whom are children, are stuck in Greece.